EquineIQ -IOS app

EquineIQ -App is developed by horse owners and professionals to help you to keep track of your  horse and horse’s wellbeing.

You carry your phone practically everywhere, but all you horse’s data lies in different set-ups and places: diaries, notebooks, vet’s referrals and in the back your mind or in your grooms mind – why not store it to secure encrypted database and have it with you all the time on your phone?

Have more than one horse and they all require individual care? No problem, you can have as many horses as you like on the EquineIQ -App.

Need to share your training with your coach? No problem, you can do it with EquineIQ -App.

Need to tell your team about changes in feeding? No problem, all information can be found in EquineIQ -App.

Don’t remember where your horses tack and gear are or what rugs you have and which need repair? No problem, easy to use listings and descriptions in EquineIQ -App keep track of your belongings.

Are you a first time horse owner and you need a place to collect and store your horse’s information? No problem, EquineIQ -App is your solution. (This works also for the most experienced professional to organise horse’s care and training .)

Bad network? No problem, EquineIQ – App works offline, updates when online again.

It really doesn’t get any easier.

And when can you get it? Just wait a while – EquineIQ -App will be in Appstore 2020.