Software company developing mobile apps and software with purpose and relevance. Launching a new EquineIQ IOS-app 2020 to promote data management and enhancing health and wellbeing in horse and equine sports. EquineIQ – IOS app helps owners, trainers, grooms and other professionals to communicate and store data on- and offline.

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We believe that our solution solves problems of scattered and cluttered data. The first application EquineIQ is for horse owners and equine industry stakeholders. Horses, equine management and affiliated industries are a multimillion business worldwide. We believe that horse owners, trainers, grooms and other professionals and stakeholders will benefit from centralized and stored equine data and horse management with easy access via mobile app.

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Contact our Chair Johanna via email: johanna@kaukalo.fi

Our Story – how it all began

Some years ago we, Johanna & Janne, ended-up buying a horse – beautiful 5 year old gelding from Germany.  The Horse had two owners, groom, trainer(s), stablemanager(s), farrier, vet, chiropractor, massage therapist… You name it – we got it AND we had a paper diary, passport, notebooks, clip books, pics in cloud services, sms’s and whatsup’s to stablemanager, trainer, pics from the vet to the farrier, emails and again sms’s and whatsup’s to and from other stakeholders. We kept medical,  training and competition records in notebooks and files. All horse related information and data was cluttered and scattered to different places and minds and we all had different recollections of what and what not.


Turning point came when the Horse had leg issues, to be more precise hoof issues. Our Vet took x-rays of the hooves, we took pics from the screen and forwarded them to our Farrier, Jaakko, so that he could shoe the Horse properly. We did this a few times and in the Spring 2017 Janne thought:


And he started programming as hobby and collaborating with Jaakko and the very first idea of an application came: EquiFarrier.  The first version of EquiFarrier communicated online, notes and pics were transferred between Johanna, Janne & Jaakko using cloud. However, the network in our stable was pretty bad and a better approach was needed. That led us to the conclusion that offline first approach is mandatory.  

Janne talked with his friend Kari, a software/product management professional, about the problem and a solution began to come to light. Moreover,  after discussions with several stakeholders in the equine industry, it was obvious that more holistic application was needed for horse data management.


Kaukalo Solutions Ltd. was founded Nov. 2017 – Kaukalo is a Finnish word for trough and describes perfectly what is done: vast amounts of information is centralized in to the cloud and the horse owner may systematically manage his herd of horses and other stakeholders data related to the horse.

About the Horse in the beginning of the story – he is still with us and is well. He can be seen here on our web-site as well as in our logo.


Our Team – the four founders

Our Team – the four founders have all some experience in horses – as a hobby or as a profession.

Johanna Jussila, CEO, Master’s in Health Business Management is experienced Management Consultant/CEO, Entrepreneur, HR, Sales & Marketing professional

Janne Jussila, CTO, M.Sc. (Tech) is experienced R&D, International sales & Product Management professional

Kari Immonen, VP Engineering, M.Sc. (Tech) is experienced software Product Management & Agile Methodologies professional

Jaakko Turunen, Senior advisor, CE-Farrier is experienced equine professional




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